We apologize for a delay in fulfiling international products.
There will be a non-refundable Paypal fee if you cancel your order (4.5% for International products and 3% for US Only).
TX (US) will move to Shopify in mid November. This site will still be available for you to purchase International products.

November 2019

    1. Bags:
      • All sizes are in stock for KR Shop
      • US Shop will have a very limited number of M and S bags around November 15th.
    2. Springs:
      • 60g and 65g (w/ out lube deck) are in stock now for US Shop!
      • The ones will lube deck will be restocked approximately mid November for US Shop.
    3. TX v2 Extras Sale:
      • Available straight from Korea, starting September 5th while supplies last.
      • There will be some more units shipped to me probably around last week of November.
    4. Deskmats:
      • 3 designs
    5. T-Shirts (Dino T-(re)X) AVAILABLE NOW FOR US/CAN ONLY
    6. Cherry stabilizers AVAILABLE NOW FOR EVERYONE! Kin said he does not 

What else is in the plan?

    1. LED 2x3x3 (near future) - already in testing looking for a new manufacturer due to price increase in production done
    2. Deskpads (near future) - designing in production done
    3. TX60 and TX65 v2 (near future) - QC right now redesigning concept here
    4. PC boards - confirmed
    5. TX-Pads hmm
    6. Linear/tactile switches by kin (est. 2020). What I know so far: not related to any other manu (Gateron, Kailh, etc.). It is going be kin's own factory and molds.


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